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Often asked questions:

Do you still get money from the Carnegie's for your library?

  • No.  Carnegie only gave money to towns to build buildings.  It was the community's responsibility to fund the operation of the library.

Where does the library get its funding?

  • All the public libraries (251) in Ohio share in a percentage of the tax revenue the state takes in.  The money is divided by a formula and given to each county.  A county budget commission decides how much each library in the county receives.  Mercer County has four seperate library systems:  Coldwater, Ft. Recovery, Rockford and Mercer County District.  The Mercer County District library has three branch libraries in Chickasaw, St. Henry and Mendon.

    Because of reduced State funding many libraries across the state have passed local levies.  Residents of the Parkway School District passed a levy in November 2010 for the Rockford Carnegie Library

The Rockford Carnegie Library is now a part of the Ohio Checkbook program through the Treasurer of the State of Ohio's Ohio Checkbook program.  To access the Ohio Checkbook program to view ANY government entity or school who participates, simply go to  checkbook.ohio.gov and then you can access the expense information of any government agency or school who participates.