Research Help

Many wonderful resources are provided by the State of Ohio for you to use.

For general searching try the Ohio Web Library.  This source pulls information from several different databases with one search.

A list of the individual databases can be sorted alphabetically or by categories.

Ohio Means Jobs has numerous pretests for all ages and selected careers.  These tests are good for practicing and identifying what you need to know to take the actual tests. You will need to register with the site - this will allow you to save results of tests and see your scores as you work through them. Register here.

Lynda Now owned by LinkedIn, has been the leading provider of online learning content for 20 years. has more than 12,000 courses, ranging from computer programming to project management including instruction on various computer software, programming languages, and business topics. The video courses are taught by industry experts and are designed for any skill level.

NetWellness is a good reliable source for medical information. has information about traveling the state of Ohio.

WorldBook and WorldBook Kids are the online versions of the classic encyclopedia.

What Tree is That? will help you identify trees by the leaves and seeds.

What's That Snake? helps to identify snakes common to the state of Ohio.

What's the Point? can help with identification of arrowheads found in Ohio.

Global Warrior has a wide range of information about countries that would be useful to researchers and travelers.